[CC1 Best Prepared Speaker] I’m Nemo

You all know my name is Nemo. Do you know why I chose this name? I will tell you the story about it.

I used to make the resolution to study English every year, but I failed at the end of these years. Three months ago, somebody told me that the most simple and effective way to study English is to join a toastmaster club . I really wanted to study English well, so I determined to visit some clubs in a week.

First, I went to the KISS Club on Monday. I hadn’t known that there is a section for guests to introduce themselves. I was very scared because I hadn’t said any words in front of people. I stood in the middle of the stage like this. The guests who stood in front of me introduced themselves such as “My name is …, I’m from …”. It sounded easy, I thought. But when I organized my words, I found a very serious problem. Do you want to know what it is?

The answer is I didn’t have an English name. Standing there I was as worried as an ant on a hot pan. (Which name could I choose? Charlie? Steven? Oh, no. I didn’t like both of them. But it was my turn, how could I do?)

“Next. Next?”

I saw all of the members focused on me. My brain was empty and I didn’t know what I could say.

“Introduce yourself, please.” TME said with smile.

“My name is e,en… I haven’t the right English name.” When I said that, most of the members laughed. I continued saying “My English is very poor just like a small student, so I come here and want to study English well”. It was so difficult for me to say these simple sentences, but I did it.

I went to the EOE club on Wednesday. Although I didn’t have an English name, I wanted to use it as a joke. As the result, I made them laugh again.

Ship was the last club I needed to visit that week. I realized that I need an English name this time. So I browsed lots of webs carefully to find a suitable name.

Arbert? No.

Bond? No.

Charles? No.

I found it’s so difficult to find a right name until I saw the word ‘Nemo’.Nemo was the hero of Disney famous cartoon- Finding Nemo. Nemo was a fish with strong curiosity. He was also friendly and wanted to do anything he likes. I am the same as him, so I wanted to choose Nemo as my English name.

When I read Nemo, I felt it sounded too childish and afraid that the name could be the problem in my future career.

The worry disappeared as quickly as it came. Nemo was also the captain of Nautilus in the novel <Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea >. He was a person full of self-confidence, calmness, energy and courage, who I want to be.

The appearance of Captain Nemo made me decide to use it as my English name.

Nemo is the present me, Nemo is also the future me.

I’ll grow up in Ship. All of you will see my change in the recent years.


PS:It’s my first prepared speech in Ship toastmaster. If you want to know more information about it, please click on the lick:记录我的第一次哼哈会服 .


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